Learning more about Cancer Recurrence and Prevention - 2016

Cancer survivors have a haunting fear that even when you’re convinced your cancer is “gone”, there’s a chance it will return.  I have observed countless times how anxious “survivors” are as they have gone to take their tests, and pray that the “C” word is not back.  If you think cancer is not going to impact you think again. We know that almost 12 million Americans are cancer survivors, that means 1 in 25 people have had cancer.  I come from a big Samoan family, with lots more than 25 people. 



INSPIRE is a five year federally funded program by the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities to the American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition (ASCCC). INSPIRE- CRC Literacy aims to (1) establish capacity and resources essential to conduct scientific research in American Samoa (2) assess CRC literacy in American Samoa, with emphasis on indigenous Samoan adults age 50+ years. INSPIRE is to support a health research project that aims to increase colorectal cancer screening literacy among American Samoans.

National Cancer Survivor's Month

06/01/2016 13:08
06/30/2016 13:08
Pacific/Pago Pago

Join American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition in honoring cancer survivors by celebrating life for the month of June 2016!  We want to celebrate those who have survived, those recently diagnosed, gathering support for families and outreach to the community

Fact sheets available for download


The first ever American Samoa Comprehensive Cancer Control fact sheet series is intended to help program planners establish baselines and evaluation indicators for activities contributing to the Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan.  The fact sheets are also useful in determining priority areas, target populations and in providing justification to funders when developing proposals.

The fact sheets are a summary of the most current data related to:


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