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Learning more about Cancer Recurrence and Prevention - 2016

Cancer survivors have a haunting fear that even when you’re convinced your cancer is “gone”, there’s a chance it will return.  I have observed countless times how anxious “survivors” are as they have gone to take their tests, and pray that the “C” word is not back.  If you think cancer is not going to impact you think again. We know that almost 12 million Americans are cancer survivors, that means 1 in 25 people have had cancer.  I come from a big Samoan family, with lots more than 25 people. 


Press Release

Publication Date: 
January 3, 2017

Press Release:

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, and American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition wants you to join our mission to help the people of American Samoa fight cancer.

ASCCC on the KHN93 this morning

06/14/2016 07:29
06/15/2016 07:29
Pacific/Pago Pago

Tune in to 93KHJ this morning to hear Rochelle Reid, and Taotasi Archie Solia talk abuot "What's Happening" this month for Cancer Survivor's Month with John Raynar and the Morning Crew.    Join us!!

National Cancer Survivor's Celebrate Life Wave

06/13/2016 07:00
06/13/2016 08:00
Pacific/Pago Pago

On June 15, 2016 at 7:00 am - 7:30 am the American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition will be hosting a Celebrate Life Wave with its partners from American Samoa Government Agencies: Governor's Office, and Lt. Governor's Office, Department of Youth and Women Services, Department of Environmental Agency, and Department of Health, Private Businesses: ACE American Industry, GHC Reid, Le Afi Energy, and any community members who want to celebrate their loved ones.

We encourage people to wear "yellow" to honor our survivor's.  


National Cancer Survivor's Month

06/01/2016 13:08
06/30/2016 13:08
Pacific/Pago Pago

Join American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition in honoring cancer survivors by celebrating life for the month of June 2016!  We want to celebrate those who have survived, those recently diagnosed, gathering support for families and outreach to the community

American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition Publishes Loretta Talolo's Survivor Story Online

Publication Date: 
August 3, 2009

Cancer is often referred to as a ‘disease of old age’ because it primarily develops during the 40’s and 50’s and becomes symptomatic in the 60’s and 70’s.  However, cancer is also known as the ‘disease that does not discriminate’. It can develop at any age, despite race, ethnicity, social or economic status.

Loretta Talolo was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year at the age of 29.

Kick-off for new radio drama "Tasi le Ola"

Publication Date: 
May 22, 2009

The American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition (ASCCC) is hosting an outdoor kick-off event — “Tasi le Ola” — for women this Saturday, May 23, at Utulei, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.

ASCCC, a non-profit, non-governmental, community-based organization, was funded by the Pacific Center of Excellence for Eliminating Disparities (PCEED) Legacy grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop an innovative 5-episode radio drama focusing on breast cancer prevention and education for women over the age of 40 years old.

The radio drama “Tasi le Ola” (One life) encourages women to make their health their priority by following fictional characters who overcome realistic health challenges.

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