Learning more about Cancer Recurrence and Prevention - 2016

Cancer survivors have a haunting fear that even when you’re convinced your cancer is “gone”, there’s a chance it will return.  I have observed countless times how anxious “survivors” are as they have gone to take their tests, and pray that the “C” word is not back.  If you think cancer is not going to impact you think again. We know that almost 12 million Americans are cancer survivors, that means 1 in 25 people have had cancer.  I come from a big Samoan family, with lots more than 25 people. 


National Cancer Survivor's Month

06/01/2016 13:08
06/30/2016 13:08
Pacific/Pago Pago

Join American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition in honoring cancer survivors by celebrating life for the month of June 2016!  We want to celebrate those who have survived, those recently diagnosed, gathering support for families and outreach to the community

Make A Donation

Our organization appreciates all of the donations and support we've received from the community, businesses, and our off-island partners. Continuing our programs requires that we come together and work toward our common goals, and our donors are an important part in what keeps us able to accomplish our good work. If you'd like to lend a hand through a generous donation, and we're not asking only for large donations, any donation is appreciated, be it monetary or provision of a service, or a bequest for a specific project or program.


If you have any questions or wish to make a donation, please contact:


Supporting Our Mission

How can I help?

Helping can be as simple as contacting us and volunteering, but how you can help and volunteer your time and energy isn't limited to only ASCCC projects and programs.  Become an active member of your community and help others in need.

To contact us, email us at:

I know someone with cancer and I don't know what to do?

We run cancer support groups for people who are dealing with cancer, either as patients, survivors, or a close friend or family member. The emotional stresses of cancer from the diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond can be very hard on just about anybody. Joining a support group can help you learn how to talk to others about your situation and eventually help you deal with it.

Financial Assistance Program

Cancer Awareness - Yellow Ribbon

We are all aware of the toll that cancer can take on our community. Cancer is currently the second leading cause of death in American Samoa.

The American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition (ASCCC) was formed to help the community fight the affects of cancer physically, emotionally, spiritually, and now financially.

The ASCCC is now providing stipends to those individuals who are fighting against this disease through various fundraising efforts.  Stipends are only given out as funds are made available.  If funds are not available, your application will be placed on a waiting list and will be reviewed at that time. 

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