American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition


Who We Are.....

We are a group of men and women who have either survived cancer, or shared the experience of a cancer with a loved one. We are concerned citizens of this community, who recognize the need for a support network to assist cancer patients, survivors, and their families through the hardships that having cancer may present. WE are normal, everyday people, just like YOU.

We are here to help!!

Our Goals . . .

To provide assistance and inspiration to cancer patients and their families by providing emotional support and comfort, and support services that help them find the treatment they need, plan financially through their period of treatment and recovery, and manage the issues related to having cancer. To spread the message that a diagnosis of cancer does not mean the end of life, but rather the beginning of a journey of hope and survival.

How you can get involved.....

  • Attend a Group Meeting
  • Volunteer for a Group Activity
  • Refer someone you know who is a cancer patient or survivor to the Group. A 'Survivor' is defined as anyone living with a history of Cancer - from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life. The importance of extended families and friendships in Samoan culture extend equally this definition of survivorship to anyone who has shared the burden of Cancer with a loved one.

Our Objectives . . .

  • Convene monthly group meetings
  • Grow our membership
  • Publish the first Samoan book on Cancer Survivorship
  • Raise Funds to Raise Awareness and assist families affected by the financial burden of Cancer
  • Conduct the 1st Annual Cancer Survivorship Day Celebration in June, 2007