Cancer Awareness & Prevention Education Campaign

Cancer awareness, prevention, and education are important aspects of our organization's mission. Cancer awareness leads to greater levels of prevention through community outreach and education efforts that encourage men and women in at-risk categories to consider and enact early cancer detection in their health care programs. Through our partnerships with the LBJ Medical Center and the American Samoa Department of Health, we've worked to promote, expand and build confidence in the ability of our health care facilities to scan for and detect cancers early when they are most treatable.

Cancer morbidity rates have demonstratively increased in the last 20 years as identification and detection of cancer as a disease has become more sophisticated; however, survival rates have begun to improve as a result of people being aware of cancer as a disease and including cancer detection in their health regimens. Early detection for most types of cancer usually improves a patient's chances. Newer and better treatments also mean that more and more cancers are joining the list of treatable and survivable diseases every year. The catch is in detecting the cancer early enough for treatment to be effective.

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