Cancer Survivor's Support Group

 Sharing Your Experiences

The American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition believes that the quality of life for cancer patients can improve when they share experiences.  Cancer survivors make a difference every day by educating others on the treatment process, and the myths behind cancers.  A survivor can help people move from 'victim' to 'victor'.  If you are a Cancer Survivor in the Territory, we call upon your assistance.  Your experience can help others who are struggling with this disease.  There are many ways that you can help:

  •  Be a "buddy" to a cancer patient.  Call someone with cancer; offer to attend their physician meetings, contacting them via internet.
  • Sharing your treatment choices with others.  Explaining how you made your decision for care, can help other cancer patients.
  • Helping patients to be prepared during their physician visits.  Writing a list of questions, or concerns that you may have had during your treatment. Talking to others on how you incormed your boss or coworkers about how you were diagnosed with cancer.  Letting people know that you care, by listening, by sharing your thoughts, and by providing assistance will be helpful to not only patients, but famil and friends of someone with cancer.
  • Become a "peer counselor", receiving training on how you can help people with similar experiences. 

Most importantly is get involved. If you would like more information on how you can get involved please contact us via email at: or 633-4589.