Toe to manutu,mo a taeao

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The American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition was formed in 2004 by a diverse group of stakeholders headed by Dr. Victor Tofaeono to help reduce the cancer burden on island. Within the last five years, many accomplishments have been made, such as fundraising events like Vegas and Mardi Gras Nite, the development and implementation of a Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan, education and awareness programs such as the video documentary "Understanding Cervical Cancer" and "Tasi le Ola", policy issues such as the American Samoa Samoa Smoke Free Environment Act, and the development of a website to be a clearinghouse for partners within the Pacific region and national levels.

But these accomplishments could not have been made without one of the founding principles of the coalition: partnerships. Partnerships over the last five years have grown from mainly local partners to regional and national level partners. Without these partners, the ASCCC could not continue to complete it's mission. On Monday, September 28th, 2009, the ASCCC invited it's partners to the "Toe to manutu, mo a taeao" event at Moana O Sina, to rethink the past to look to the future.

As people and partners may change within the ASCCC, it will always continue it's mission to help the people of American Samoa fight cancer.