Community Cancer Investigator Research Project Presentations

05/13/2009 09:00
05/13/2009 12:00
Pacific/Pago Pago

The American Samoa Community Cancer Network (ASCCN) invites the community to attend presentations of results of five community-based research projects conducted by graduates of the Community Cancer Investigator Capacity Building Program.

  • Adolescent dietary behaviors and access to nutritious foods in a high school setting - Angelina Stevens
  • Motivations and barriers for male and female college students on Tutuila having health eating habits for a health weight - Saili Samoa
  • Young adult exposure to secondhand smoke - Siumu Faaiuaso
  • Causes and context of teen female overweight and obesity - Gabrielle Faaiuaso
  • Identifying barriers to teen physical activity - Noelle Potoa'e, Fuarosa Ma'ae and Fenumia'i Iosia

This event will take place at the American Samoa Community College Lecture Theater.  If you have any questions please call 633-4589 or email


Exercise and healthy eating habits.

I would like to comment regarding how to educate our young children about healthy eating and exercise. I am a school teacher, fitness instructor, and a adviser in childrens healthy lunch box. What I do ,I travel around schools and child care centres and give talk to staff & parents how to provide nutrition lunch and snacks for their children. as we all know most of food parents bought from the shops are process food and which its full of salt, sugar, and chemicals. While our children are young we should start teaching them a good healthy eating habits and provide exercise to help them to keep fit and healthy. I'm intrested in participating and give out a talk to schools and child care centres. I will be visiting my mother for two weeks arriving on the 10th of june.


Thank you for your contact and if you could please contact the Comprehensive Cancer Control Program office at 633-4589 and we could discuss further. Va'a