Supporting Our Mission

How can I help?

Helping can be as simple as contacting us and volunteering, but how you can help and volunteer your time and energy isn't limited to only ASCCC projects and programs.  Become an active member of your community and help others in need.

To contact us, email us at:

I know someone with cancer and I don't know what to do?

We run cancer support groups for people who are dealing with cancer, either as patients, survivors, or a close friend or family member. The emotional stresses of cancer from the diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond can be very hard on just about anybody. Joining a support group can help you learn how to talk to others about your situation and eventually help you deal with it.

Supporting Our Mission

If you are a community organizer, church leader, or are interested in helping us organize a presentation or event with your organization, church, or club, please contact us by email at: Education, awareness, and prevention are three key elements in fighting cancer's effects in our community. Help us help you and those you love and care about.