INSPIRE’s “Wear All Blue” Colorectal Awareness – DAY 17 with Fagaitua High School (50th Anniversary) Alumni Association Steering Committee.

The Fagaitua HS Alumni Association is a non-profit organization since August 2016. The first Fagaitua High School graduating class was back in 1968. This year FHS will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary this coming summer, July 1-8, 2018.

After their steering committee meeting at Paradise Pizza in Pago, INSPIRE shared the importance of making healthy choices to keep physically fit and encouraged all who are 50 and older to seek advice from their doctor about colon cancer screening. Some wore their RED Viking color Green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and Blue for colorectal cancer awareness.

Thank you Vikings for sharing your blue bandanna photo with INSPIRE and supporting the American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition in helping the people of American Samoa fight cancer.


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