For seven years, Sharring (from Afono, Aua and Nu’uuli) has been in search for a bone marrow match since she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in 2010.

In efforts to find a bone marrow match, she returned to American Samoa in 2011 to host a Bone Marrow Registry Drive, not just for herself but all those cancer patients in need of a bone marrow transplant. None of Sharring’s family members were a full match. Studies show that people with the same racial and ethical background are more likely to have the same tissue traits. Polynesians cancer patients have a harder time finding a match.

With modern improvement in medicine and technology, Sharring’s brother, Elefasa Aoelua was eligible to be Sharring’s bone marrow donor. Recently, Sharring received her bone marrow transplant with the love and help of her brother.

Today, Faleula Aoelua-Sappa received the ASCCC $500 stipend check for her daughter who is recovering from her recent bone marrow surgery in Texas. She was born on Christmas Day so her family chose “Sharring” as her first name. Mrs. Aoelua-Sappa expresses her love to all those who continue to “share” their money and gifts so that people like her daughter can receive help in their time of need. Mrs. Aoelua-Sappa says Christmas this year will be a lot more merrier for her daughter and family. Sharring will be using this money to pay off bills.

ASCCC prays for a speedy recovery for both Sharring Niusulu and her brother Elefasa Aoelua.